Code of Conduct

The AFC Urmston Meadowside Code of Conduct sets out the standards expected of all persons connected with the club.
Responsibilities are divided into four areas: The Club; Players; Parents / Guardians and Spectators; Team Managers and Coaches.
All persons associated with the club will receive a copy of this code of conduct and are expected to comply with the standards identified.
Part 1 - The Club Part 2 - Players

1.The Club will :

Ensure that the club is affiliated with the Football Association

#  Provide suitable facilities for training and home matches

#  Enter teams into the appropriate league and cup competitions

#  Ensure that all team managers have as a minimum, the FA Junior Team Manager Award or FA Level 1 Coaching award

#  Hold an Annual General Meeting open to all interested parties within the club

#  Supply team's playing kits

#  Ensure appropriate insurance

#  Ensure that managers and coaches receive the support of the Club in a similar manner to which they will expect support themselves

2. Players will :

#  Learn and abide by the rules of the game

#  Not swear

#  Treat all squad members and opponents with respect.
Play fairly and respect opponents

#  Not argue with referees and match officials and accept their decisions

#  Participate fully in training sessions

#  Be punctual in attendance for training and matches

#  Adopt good general behaviour at all times

#  Fully abide by the content and sentiment of the following:

You are here to have fun

#  Teamwork and effort are just as important as winning - you should accept losing without undue disappointment

When you win, do not gloat over your victory

#  Accept that you will not automatically be selected for every match.
All players in the squad will get a fair chance to play

Part 3 - Parents / Guardians and Spectators Part 4 -Team Managers and Coaches

3. Parents / Guardians and Spectators will :

Notify team managers of any special medical needs or injuries that a player may have.

#  Notify team managers as to whether players will be unavailable for matches or training as soon as possible

Not leave children unsupervised at matches or training without the prior agreement of the Manager

#  Be punctual in attendance for training and matches

#  Ensure that children are appropriately dressed for training and matches (including shinguards and suitable footwear)

Provide encouragement and not criticism for the whole squad

#  Accept the final decision of the team manager on all footballing decisions (Team selection, tactics, etc.)

#  Not encroach on the pitch during matches

#  Not shout tactical advice to players during matches

#  Not swear

Not argue with referees and match officials

#  Ensure club registration fees are paid promptly

#  Not take photographs (still or video) of matches or training sessions

#  Fully abide by the content and sentiment of the following:-
Youngsters are primarily involved for their enjoyment

#  You should encourage the children to play by the rules

Teamwork and effort are just as important as winning
You should accept losing without undue disappointment

#  Do not allow your winning side to gloat over their victory

#  Never ridicule or shout at a child for making a mistake or losing. Praise them - or keep quiet

#  Set a good example - applaud good play by both teams.

4. Team Managers and Coaches will :

#  Ensure the safety of all concerned at matches and training sessions

#  Operate a squad system that ensures all players are given an opportunity to participate in a reasonable number of matches throughout the season

#  Select teams and determine tactics for matches

#  Arrange friendly matches and participation in tournaments with other teams where appropriate

#  Distribute team kits to players prior to matches

#  Arrange regular training sessions

#  Ensure that coaching is structured to allow for the development of skills for all players in the squad

#  Attend the F.A. Junior Team Manager Award and ensure that their coaching skills are kept up to date

#  Ensure that their team is represented at regular club meetings

#  Not swear or tolerate foul and abusive language or behaviour

#  Provide positive encouragement to all players

#  Provide constructive feedback to players on any areas where they require more development work
(Via parents where appropriate to age)

Ensure that no photography is undertaken of matches or training sessions (team photos are acceptable)

#  Not allow themselves to become in a single adult/child situation that could conceivably lead to an allegation of improper behaviour.